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Kamel Park Hotel Kisii Swimming Pool

Why We Are The Best in The Western Region!



The hotel has invested greatly in the swimming pool, to ensure that the guests get the best.

Our tremendous swimming pool is characterized with a baby pool, where free floaters are offered, we also have two of our swimming pools heated, hence endurable in all weather conditions and of course a very beautiful waterfall.


We are the best choice of meetings and conferences within the county and surroundings

We have four conference rooms, some holding a capacity of up to 700 people

Our conference rooms are well equipped with comfort, modern technology, and extra handouts.

Kisii County foots hill

Top Things to See and Do in Kisii County


Why Visit Kisii County

The spectacular scenery of Hills and Landscapes makes Kisii County one of the best places to Visit in Kenya. Stay with us and be among the first to discover Kisii County’s Hidden Gems and Paths less known.

1. Manga Hills

Located along the boundary with Nyamira County, Manga hills offers an idyll site and a great view of the countryside from the top. This is a great attraction for light hikers and sightseers.

2. Lunch at Kamel Park Hotel

Our hotel is located at a hilltop and offers adventure lovers a great view of the surrounding settlements and landscape. Have lunch and then swim in our state-of-the-art pool before relaxing in one of our elegant rooms.

3. Nyakwana Waterfalls

Located in River Gucha, these falls are nothing but breathtaking.  River Gucha originates from the highlands of Kiabonyoru.

4. Sameta Hills

More hills? Yes! Kisii County is but a great attraction for hikers and adventurers.

Other adventure spots in Kisii County

  • Nyanchwa Hills
  • Nyamasibi Hills
  • Kiong’anyo Hills
  • Tabaka Soapstone Mine
  • Gusii Cultural Festival

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